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My goal is to make your job just a little bit easier!

#TACOBOUTADEAL Tuesday $2 Sale June 30


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Seasonal Short Writes Bundle

I have bundled up my short write products. Since they are bundled, they are selling for a lesser price! If you are looking for a quick activity where students are independently practicing their writing skills, you will appreciate my short writes. Prompts are included on each page to make it easier for students to know how to respond. I based the prompts on Higher Order Thinking Skills. A picture is included with each page so if they get done early they can color. The pictures are labeled with some nouns and action verbs to help facilitate their writing.

Each set has Writing Rubrics that can be posted on a wall for student referral.

Each set has a writing model to give students an example of how to respond to a prompt. Teachers you can use these as a part of your lesson.

You can see how the pictures are labeled. I chose keywords for each picture that will help your ESL students.

Each page was carefully thought out. Each picture was carefully chosen. I used the HOTS to write the prompts. For the labels, I used the essential nouns and the verbs that would make this writing experience a good one for your students.

My goal is to make your job just a little bit easier!
Froggy About Teaching

K-1 Product Review by Christy Gandara, Homeschool Holiday

Christy Gandara is a teacher-author I met on Amped Up Learning. Her store name is Homeschool Holiday. She wrote a wonderful review of one of my teaching resources!

Interactive lessons are NOT just for older students! This week for the next installment in the Happy Hive Homeschooling product review series we are going to take a look at curriculum from Froggy About Teaching that is designed specifically for learners in Kindergarten and First grade. This interactive curriculum is off the page! Not your traditional pencil and paper assignment – the K-1 Coins Pack is designed for use with Smart Boards, Google Classroom, Seasaw or other similar virtual learning platforms.
The K-1 Coin Pack asks our young learners to recognize pennies and nickels (both sides), count them and assign value to items using these coins. In the Google Classroom/PowerPoint option, learners are required to slide the coins into place as well as type values into pre-designated text boxes.

If you would like to use the packet in a more “traditional” manner, you can easily print the pages as a PDF file and have your learner work on the pages using the pencil paper method.

Regardless of the method chosen, with 30 jam packed pages, your learners will have a solid understanding of both the penny and the nickel when they finish these activities. Froggy about Teaching is following up with Set Two, using other coins as well. Be sure to follow them on Pinterest as well as their Froggy about Teaching Blog. I am confident you will love their primary level activities as much as I did.

Until next time – Be blessed friends! 

Homeschool Holiday, Christy Gandara

ELA in Middle School Raffle!!


Matthew and his wife Suzanne, who is also his store partner, are having a GIVEAWAY! But you must do a survey.  There are only 2 questions so it won’t take long. Take advantage, this is an amazing product!

Follow this link to the survey.

From Matthew Forman, ELA in Middle School

We will be accepting entries until 6 PM EST Sunday, June 14. The drawing will be "Live" Monday at 2:00 PM EST on Facebook - you do not need to be "present" to win! TWO (2) Grand Prize winners will receive special codes for the LITERARY GENRES: POETRY AND PROSE BUNDLE OF BOOM! CARDS! Everyone who enters but does NOT win the Grand Prize will receive a code for $5 off the purchase of the Bundle!

 Don't miss out!

Froggy About Teaching

Product Review: Literary Genres: The Informational Nonfiction

Product Review: Literary Genres: The Informational Nonfiction Subgenre

The teaching frames explain and describe Informational Nonfiction. It tells what “it is” and what it “is not”. The text features and text structures are defined. Examples of information nonfiction passages are provided. The teaching frames also gives the purpose for writing the informational nonfiction.

Students get to choose what “does not” describe this type of text. They will identify, match, and choose their answers. They will show they know the text features; text structures; what literature and what descriptions go with this type of text. They get to choose “what it is not”! This will show that they really understand the concept.

You can’t go wrong using this deck of Boom Cards with your middle school students!

Literary Genres: The Fiction Genre

The teaching frames define and describe the prose characteristics of fiction. Fiction subgenres are listed and explained. The elements of fiction are added to the frames. Such as the role of the Narrator and the types of Narrators.

I know what Point of View is, I certainly know what my point of view is. But did you know that there are different ways of telling a Point of View? Your students will learn what these are!

Students will identify the parts of a plot; the features of graphic novels; types of nonfiction; features of Fantasy and Romance. They will show what they have learned in several ways that will show you that they have learned all this well.

Teacher-author, Matthew Forman has created a digital resource that is thorough. The students get to enjoy playing with these boom cards while learning! You can get these boom cards in his store, ELA in Middle School on Amped Up Learning!

Don't pass up an amazing product!

Froggy About Teaching

Product Review: The Poetic Genre: The Poetic Forms Boom Cards

Product Review: The Poetic Genre: The Poetic Forms Boom Cards

This deck of boom cards is focused on the different types of poems. Can you imagine that there are so many types of poems? Matthew takes 15 basic types of poems and defines and describes each one in the teaching frames.

Matthew knows much about poems because he is a published poet.

I have read some of his poems. To say that his poems are deeply moving and beautiful means little until you have read them yourself. He has a blog where he has some of his poems. Take some time and read them, then you will understand what I mean. Selected Poems by Matthew E. Forman.

What were we talking about, oh, Boom Cards. Then, the teaching frames go into the different poem patterns and give examples of these patterns. Then students practice choosing, matching, identifying patterns, poems samples, descriptions, and definitions.

A positive benefit of the Boom Cards are that it is self-correcting, so students know if they are choosing the correct answer.

Product Review: Poetry Genres: Characteristics and Most Commonly Used Figurative Language Boom Cards

The teaching frames in this deck takes the characteristics and figurative language and defines and describes what each is. Then students will show what they have learned in a variety of ways. They will choose characteristics that go with the poem description, the figurative language to the characteristic, samples to poet types, and more. The students get the opportunity to learn characteristics and figurative language.

Teachers, the benefit of allowing your students to use this deck of cards is that you can track student progress. Yay, save some time!

Teacher-author, Matthew Forman, ELA in Middle School, has created a digital resource that is a deck of Boom Cards. In fact, it is several sets of Boom Cards that he has bundled together, Literary Genres: The Prose and Poetry Bundle of Boom Cards